The Electric Deere Backhoe

John Deere is getting into the electric arena, introducing the 310X backhoe. Deere says the 310X operates like the 310L.

The 310L has 100 horsepower with an operating weight just over 14,500 pounds. Deere says the 310X prototype has comparable performance but is much quieter than the 310L diesel machine.  Makers say the attachments between the two machines are interchangeable. 

According to Deere, the electric design is intended to provide lower daily operating costs, less operating noise, enhanced machine reliability, and zero tailpipe emissions. 

National Grid has added the 310X to their fleets. It's one of only two energy companies to move towards electric machines so far.

“We are excited to work with John Deere to take an important step in electrifying our company vehicles, which could be revolutionary for our industry. Decarbonizing transportation remains a challenge in the journey to net zero and we’re hopeful that bringing on more electrified heavy-duty vehicles and equipment will help us make significant progress," said Badar Khan, President, National Grid.

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