Tech Making Dozing Easier

If you own a construction company, you know one obstacle is finding skilled machine operators. With this in mind, industry leaders are developing new technology aimed at making the task of pushing dirt easier and more effective.

When it comes to dozers, there is interesting new technologies being developed to make operation easier, more efficient, and safer.

Manufacturers have also focused on improved design to make their dozers quieter, more comfortable and with increased operator visibility.

Komatsu's D71-24 is the newest dozer on their line and features optional intelligent machine control, a dual-path hydrostatic transmission, and a high tech palm command control system (PCCS) with a joystick that allows easier movement and speed control in all directions.

Caterpillar's D4 has been overhauled with new tech including improvements to the engine, blade, and camera technology.

Liebherr offers six models of Generation 8 dozers, from the PR716-G8 to the PR766-G8. Available operator assist features include blade stabilization, and electronic pilot controls that allows the operator to have more control over the equipment and overall performance of the dozer.

Liebherr also has improved sensors and data management to help with future compatibility.

The John Deere 750L also features some component and tech upgrades, including hydrostatic drive with triple reduction final drives.

Deere says the operator's compartment of the 750L is quieter and more comfortable.

Deere has also launched slope control on several dozer models in recent years.

Slope control automatically controls the blade, is designed to be simple to use and offers two operating modes, joystick and target.

Case dozers have factory-fit machine control options on 750M through to the 2050M models.

Features on all these models are part of a continued attempt to make dozers and other machines easier to work with, more productive, and safer.

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