A swing bearing ready to be shipped

DYCO products have introduced swing bearings for hundreds of makes and models, providing the excavation industry with a high quality, cost effective alternative to OEM swing bearings.

Swing bearings, or slewing rings, turntable bearings, rotec bearings, or swing gears as they're also called, usually are one of the most expensive parts to replace on an excavator.  For instance, the cost of a swing bearing for a Caterpillar 311B is in the $5,000 range.  A DYCO swing bearing with the same specifications, quality, and warranty runs about half that price.

Since DYCO products are somewhat new to the heavy construction parts industry, many machine owners who haven't bought DYCO parts yet want to know more about the DYCO line before they invest.

The most important part of the DYCO line is quality control.  DYCO parts go through the same strict inspection process as OEM parts go through.  Steps are taken before, during and after production to ensure the parts meet these industry standards.  This is made possible by the fact that the same manufacturer who fills orders for OEM dealers also supplies the DYCO line of parts.

"We ensure the quality of the manufacturing of the parts sold by DYCO. Our experience in the business has allowed us to attain a level of understanding of what our customer requires and expects," says DYCO President, Todd Resser.

Availability is also a big factor due to popularity with the DYCO product line.  While some OEM dealers are weeks out when it comes to inventory, DYCO has thousands of swing bearings stocked and ready to ship within hours of an order.  In most cases, customers can have a swing bearing delivered to their location in just a few days.

Experience and knowledge of the product line also makes a big difference.  While many aftermarket companies meet the needs of customers with the parts alone, the DYCO line and its main distributor ConEquip Parts is ready, willing and able to provide all the information customers need to make the right decisions.

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