Construction Workers
In an effort to fill outstanding job openings, one construction company in the Northeast is willing to pay high school grads up to $47 an hour. Harrison & Burrowes in New York City are offering the high paying jobs with full benefits, even without a college degree. , Candidates only need to complete a summer apprenticeship while still in high school. "College isn’t for everybody — and with the rising cost of tuition, we can provide a great opportunity for those folks that the path to college might not be the best path for them," said Company COO Chris DiStefano. After the apprenticeships, students can be offered a full-time gig. From there, students can be offered a full-time position after graduation. "When they come on, they can come on at 18 years old and make a steady wage and have a sustainable career going forward," DiStefano said. "We’re taking it very seriously and doing all the things on our end to make a sustainable future," he said. The math works out to a yearly income of about $98,000 a year. U.S. Census Bureau data shows high school graduates make on average $40,000 a year while college graduates make about $73,000 a year. Harrison & Burrowes does repairs on buildings and bridges. Construction companies are having trouble across the country filling positions with skilled workers.