The new Kobelco SK34SR-7

Kobelco Construction Machinery introduces the new SK34SR-7 and SK39SR-7 mini excavators, replacing the SK30SR-6E and SK35SR-6E models. These machines offer enhanced operability, updated cabin interiors, and easier maintenance, while delivering superior performance thanks to increased engine output, larger bucket cylinders, and improved hydraulic systems.

Improved Performance and Efficiency

The Kobelco SK34SR-7 and SK39SR-7 mini excavators boast a 19kW engine output, a 15% increase in bucket digging force, and improved lifting capacity. The optional floating dozer blade and angle dozer enhance efficiency, allowing for terrain adaptation and versatile ground-clearing capabilities. The extended quick hitch piping also improves machine versatility on various jobsites.

Increased Operator Comfort and Safety

Kobelco's 'Performance x Design' concept prioritizes operator comfort and safety in the SK34SR-7 and SK39SR-7 models. The redesigned cabin interior features DAB+ radio, Bluetooth, hands-free telephone functionality, and wider wrist rests for fatigue-free operation. A mechanical suspension and reclining seat, combined with powerful air conditioning, provide a comfortable working environment.

Upgraded Cabin Display and Hydraulic Flow Adjustment

A 3.5-inch color display provides crucial operating information, including maintenance cycles and temperature gauges. Hydraulic Flow Adjustment (HFA) comes as standard in all proportional hand control models, and hydraulic oil-flow to attachments can be adjusted via the display. Enhanced visibility is provided through two bright LED work lights, with additional lighting options available.

Easier Maintenance and Accessibility

The SK34SR-7 and SK39SR-7 mini excavators feature removable travel levers, improving accessibility to the main control valve and reducing downtime for maintenance. Kobelco's commitment to evolving mini-excavator technology and machine concepts ensures these models cater to the needs of operators and demanding jobsite conditions.

These new mini excavators provide exceptional performance, increased efficiency, and improved operator comfort, making them a valuable addition to the construction industry. With upgraded features and a focus on meeting the needs of operators, these machines are set to make a lasting impact on jobsites worldwide.

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