gas line

In the continued attempt to save the world from certain destruction from Global Warming/Climate Change, many states are now passing legislation to ban natural gas in new building construction.

This is definitely causing a stir, and putting some construction companies in precarious situations.

These bans on natural gas hookups in new buildings are spreading across the country. In 2019, Berkeley, California, was the first city to ban natural gas hookups in new buildings. So far, 77 cities in 10 states have taken some form of local government action, with most of those cities - surprise, surprise - in California. 

Greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and homes, primarily from burning fuel for heat, made up 13% of the U.S.’s greenhouse emissions in 2020, according to the EPA.  Environmentalist also warn natural gas is bad for a persron's health too.

Not all states are on board with this restrictive, Cliamate Change strategy to achieve an environmental agenda.

Nearly half the states have passed statewide bans on natural gas bans, preventing local governments from enacting similar restrictions. 

Not surprisingly, New York City is all in on this ban, becoming the largest U.S. city to enact such a law; it will go into effect for new construction under seven stories in 2024 and in mid-2027 for taller structures.

Generally, states run by Democrats are for the bans while states run by Republicans are against them.

The movement towards the bans certainly is making developers and contractors rethink how they will approach new projects.  Natural gas companies also have to think ahead, as they see their service being fazed out over the next decade.