MINExpo Ready to Showcase Massive Machines in Las Vegas

The world is just weeks away from getting a good look at some of the most intimidating mining machines on the market at MINExpo in Las Vegas.

The event, which happens every four years, was cancelled last year because of the pandemic. This year, however, it is on.

Companies from around the world will showcase the latest cutting-edge equipment, innovations, services and technologies September 13 to the 15th.

Every type of mining machine will be there from equipment for exploration, mine development, open pit and underground mining, processing, safety, environmental improvement and more. The 2021 event will of course be massive, taking up 675,000 sq. ft. in space at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Here's a look at some of the toys industry big hitters are brining to the party.


  • R1700 XE LHD Load Haul Dump: Featuring 100% battery electric propulsion that generates significantly less heat and noise, this new model offers a 16.5-ton payload, 53,330-lb. lift and tilt breakout force and 11.2-mph top speed. Fully charging it in as little as 20 minutes is the new portable Cat MEC500 Mobile Equipment Charger. 
  • R2900 XE LHD with diesel-electric drivetrain: Its redesigned lift arm and components deliver up to a 39% improved lift breakout force over the R2900G, making this model up to 31 tonnes per liter more fuel efficient.
  • D11 XC Electric Drive Dozer: Caterpillar is set to unveil what it deems as the world’s largest, most powerful and efficient electric drive dozer with high drive.
  • D10 Dozer: The D10 offers up to 4% less fuel consumption than the previous model, up to 3% more productivity with high-horsepower reverse and up to 6% more efficiency with combined load-sensing hydraulics and stator clutch torque divider.
  • 992 Wheel Loader: Introduced earlier this year, the 992 delivers up to a 32% increase in productivity, reduces maintenance costs up to 10% and showed in-field testing of up to 48% greater payload-per-fuel efficiency in applications in a four-pass match to 100-ton trucks vs. five passes with the 992K.

In addition, the new Cat 777G Water Truck will be equipped with MineStar Command for hauling, providing a glimpse into the future for autonomously lowering dust levels at a mine site while maintaining haul road safety. 


  • WE1850 Gen 3 surface wheel loader with proven SR (Switched Reluctance) hybrid drive technology
  • ZR122 surface blast hole drill with automated features


  • R 9150 Generation 7, R 9200 Generation 7 and brand-new R 9600 Generation 8 Excavators: All three excavators are now equipped with the latest innovations including Liebherr Power Efficiency, Assistance Systems, and Bucket Filling Assistant. Assistance Systems will be presented physically in the R 9600’s cabin and on tablets displayed on the booth.
  • T 274 Haul Truck: This true 336-ton machine provides fast cycle times, higher production rates, low fuel consumption and a low cost per ton. A range of options are available including the Trolley Assist System and Autonomy Kit.
  • PR 776 Mining Dozer with LiReCon Teleoperation System: The 77-ton dozer will be displayed with the new LiReCon (Liebherr Remote Control) teleoperation system, designed to provide additional comfort and safety for operators in tough mining applications.
  • LRT 1090-2.1 Rough-terrain Crane: The 100-ton crane features a 154-ft. telescopic boom that can be extended easily with two telescoping modes: strong or long. It is fitted as standard with an outrigger monitor which automatically detects the support status and includes the crane control system. It is also delivered as standard with the VarioBase variable support base.


Joining the veteran mining makers will be Magni featuring telescopic handlers fixed boom with operation capabilities that can help mining companies increase productivity and a safer working environment.

  • Rotating Telescopic Handlers (RTH): The rotators feature 360° rotation, serve as several machines in one and can be equipped with various accessories such as forks, winches, platforms, and many specialty attachments. Users benefit particularly from the that helps them increase production speed. The line includes  offers 16 models with lifting capacities from 8,800 to 28,600 lbs. and lifting heights from 58 to 167 ft.
  • Fixed-boom Telehandlers: Heavy Lift models have attachments purpose-built for mines, including forks, tire handlers, cylinder handlers and conveyor belt attachments. They offer lifting capacities from 11,000 - 110,000 lbs.

All these machines and more will be on display at the expo in Las Vegas. For more information, you can check out the MineExpo2021 website.

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