Komatsu has a new haul truck in its fleet.

Komatsu introduced the HD1500-8E0 rigid frame off-highway haul truck for mining, quarry, and aggregate applications.

Komatsu says the HD1500-8E0 has a 1,570-horsepower Tier 4-F Komatsu SDA16V159E-3 engine with a redesigned cab, and has an updated suspension system for a smoother ride.

The HD1500-8E0 is also equipped with hydraulic, wet multiple-disc brakes. Komatsu says downhill descent can also be controlled by setting a desired travel speed with the automatic retard speed control (ARSC)

A tight turning radius of 36 feet 9 inches allows operators to maneuver in a tight spaces.

Komatsu’s Traction Control System (KTCS) provides control on unstable terrain by monitoring the rear wheels for slippage and automatically applying pressure to the independent wheel brake assemblies.

The HD1500-8E0 has a 7-speed, automatic transmission with two reverse speeds. Komatsu’s advanced transmission with optimum modulation control system (K-ATOMiCS) provides electronic shift control for all gears without losing torque.

An integrated payload meter manages the payload of each hauling cycle, analyzing production volume and the working conditions of the machine.

The new operator cab is equipped with an air suspension seat, heater and ventilator. Komatsu says lower engine noise, fan clutch and improved cab sealing make for a quieter working environment

The HD1500-8E0 has a 360-degree monitoring system that has six cameras.

A ground-level service center is located at the bottom of the hydraulic tank, putting engine, transmission, brake control, and hydraulic oil filling evacuation ports accessible in one central location. Komatsu says a standard, automatic greasing system helps minimize maintenance time by automatically supplying grease at predetermined intervals. A battery disconnect switch, located on the left side of the vehicle, is accessible from the ground level. For security during maintenance, there are tie-off anchor points for safety harnesses.

Also, a cold weather package includes electric heating elements for engine oil pan, coolant, steering, hoist oil tank, transmission oil pan, and brake oil tank, which plugs into an external power supply. The engine is also equipped with a standard cold weather ether starting aid system.