DYCO Swing bearings, ready to ship!

The continued surge of the U.S. economy has construction companies around the nation keeping busy.  More work results in more competition as companies bid for contracts.  As machines keep working, they also keep breaking down.  Machine owners are always looking for a faster, better, and less expensive options to maximize profits without sacrificing productivity.

One main component of excavators often needing maintenance and eventual replacement is the swing bearing or slew ring as many call it.  This part is one of the most expensive and time consuming parts on the machine to change.  The extended time of swapping out a slew ring and the cost of the part makes it absolutely necessary companies get the job done right the first time.

For Caterpillar owners, the cost of a new OEM swing bearing is way up there in price.  For instance, the cost of a new swing  bearing for a CAT 330B costs more than $13,000.  A new Dyco swing bearing with a one year warranty costs way less than half that amount without sacrificing quality.

The Dyco swing bearings are manufactured in Japan and assure quality by maintaining strict standards using a full tracking system on all materials used on each bearing.  There are more than 20 quality control checks on each bearing using new technology to be sure dimensions, weight, balance, and hardness meets expected criteria. Also, the Dyco brand utilizes a third party quality control company for added assurance.

There are Dyco swing bearings available for almost all Caterpillar models.  Most slew rings are ready to ship the day they are ordered.  Others can be shipped within a  few weeks of purchase. The savings on the swing bearings is enabling many small to mid-sized construction companies to keep their machines going to remain competitive in the industry.

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