Swing Bearings in stock and ready to ship

When it's time to replace your swing bearing, or slew ring as they're often called, it usually means it's also time to make a trip to your ATM.  They are one of the most expensive parts on an excavator. Top Notch Services out of Hamilton, Montana ran into that situation.  The machine owner James gave us a call on the hunt for a swing bearing and our Parts Specialist Joe took the call.

James didn't have the part number but did have the machine serial number.  Joe got into the book to try and identify the part but still wasn't sure which bearing the 693D took.

"When there's any doubt on swing bearings we always call our go-to guy Todd in California.  He knows just about everything on this part an many others.  He set me straight on which slew ring the 693D took," said Joe.

Once Joe was able to confirm the part with Todd, he was able to quote James on a new slew ring.

In the case of Top Notch Services, Deere discontinued the swing bearing for the 693D so a used or replacement swing bearing was the only option.  Joe was able to provide Top Notch Services with a new Dyco swing bearing for only $4,000 delivered.

The swing bearing went to Lonnie Anderson Enterprises, a company ConEquip also has a great relationship with.  They are doing the work on the 693D for James.

ConEquip Parts supplies Dyco swing bearings that fit all kinds of makes and models including Caterpillar, Deere, Volvo, Komatsu.  The swing bearings meet dealer specifications and all have a one year warranty! 

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