Auction Lot

Might be a little cheaper to buy a used heavy-duty truck and semi-trailers in the near future.

A market report from Sandhill Global showed an increase in inventory for both of those pieces of equipment. The report goes on to indicate auction values for those categories have decreased.

The report, compiled between April and May, indicates heavy-duty truck inventory was up 17% and semi-trailer inventory was up 20%. Auction values dropped 4.8% in a month over month period among heavy-duty trucks and a 3.9% for semi-trailers.

Industry analysts say stocked inventory and decreasing auction values is likely to bring prices down in the short term.

When it comes to heavy construction equipment, the report indicates auction values were also down, around 7.5% but that costs are still up almost 10% from a year ago.

The same is true for heavy-duty trucks and semi-trailers, both up nearly 50% from 2021.