Hyundai HL980A Wheel Loader
Hyundai rolled out its new HL980A which is now the biggest wheel loader model for the maker.

The HL980A weighs 69,120 lbs and has a 7.3-cubic-yard bucket capacity.

Hyundai says it features a 351-horsepower Cummins X12 fuel efficient engine which is designed to be lighter while increasing torque. It meets Tier 4 Final emissions standards, as well as European Stage V, by diesel particulate filter and no exhaust gas recirculation.

With an Eco Gauge function, the maker says operators can monitor fuel consumption in real time. Fuel consumption, idle time and other data can also be monitored through Hi-Mate, Hyundai’s telematics system.

The 980A has a standard integrated onboard auto weighing system. In auto mode, load weight is automatically displayed when the bucket is lifted to a specific height range, and the weight is logged when the boom is lowered.

“You can actually track between operators,” says Joe Turnage, Hyundai product manager. “So if you’ve got a different operator, he can hit his setup. He can track how much he's dumped into trucks or whatever he's moving.”

The wheel loader's hood was redesigned to give operators a better view.

The loader also comes with a standard rearview camera that is integrated into the 7-inch monitor. As an option, an all-around view camera system is also available.

“When it comes on the screen, you can see from the top down onto the machine,” Turnage says. “So you're looking at what's going on all around.”

The HL980A is equipped with ZF axles and transmission. According to Hyundai, the outboard brakes can be accessed by the wheel hub without having to drop the axle.

The cab also features Bluetooth radio and MP3 capability. You can also plug your Android phone into the monitor for mirroring of your phone’s screen.

Other features include parallel Z-bar linkage and automatic engine shutdown, and the bucket has been designed with a wider opening, curved side plates and enhanced spill guard to reduce material loss while traveling and to maximize bucket capacity, the company says.