Check Out CAT's Automated Mining Truck!

Caterpillar unveiled its new mining truck at MINExpo in Las Vegas. The 794 AC electric-drive mining truck comes complete with one of hottest new features in the construction industry - autonomy.

CAT originally introduced the 794 in 2016. If you see one, be sure to snap a photo as there are about 150 of them in operation around the world.

The 794 AC is the first electric drive model to join the autonomous fleet, which includes the Cat 789D, 793D, 793F and 797F models. Makers say the autonomous 794 AC offers 30% more productivity than those operated by people.

Caterpillar execs say autonomous operation not only improves productivity, but by reducing the number of workers in the field, it also enhances safety.

We know what you're thinking, "that's just great, machines are taking the jobs of people." The positive way to look at it is that companies can now reinvest talent in other areas of operation.

The 794 uses MineStar Command, technology that uses data to maximize results while minimizing downtime.