Caterpillar 950H Gets Hooked Up by Brayden!

Keeping up a Caterpillar 950H is no small deal.  The cost of replacement parts from the CAT dealer can get pretty expensive.  That's why Brayden Sears got a call from a company out of Pennsylvania that makes pallets needing lift arms and all the pins and links to get their loader up and loading again.

"Kyle was lifting the bucket when a pin fell out and dropped the bucket breaking the lift arm in two," Sears said.

The mishap also damaged some other parts on the machine.

"He also needed the coupler and all the pins."

Sears had to beat another quote which he did in part by waiving the core charge.

"Kyle sent his core in ahead of time," Sears said.

That saved the company $7,500 up front.

New lift arms from Caterpillar costs in excess of $30,000, the customer was able to get a rebuilt loader frame, coupler, and all the pins for just over $18,000.

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