CAT 990H Radiator Core Special Delivery a Success!

Mining Trucks

Winn Materials in Tennessee urgently needed seven radiator cores for one of their machines delivered next day to keep one of their Caterpillar 990H wheel loaders moving for that upcoming weekend.  Getting cores this size delivered next day using a traditional freight company would be very expensive.  Although the company was willing to pay extra for a "hot shot", there was still a chance a trucking company would not be able to get the parts delivered on time.  ConEquip owner Ben Krentz decided he would be able to arrange a special delivery using a trusted associate.

"We decided to call a company friend in North Carolina named Diezel to hook up a trailer to his jeep and deliver the parts," Krentz said.

Yes, you heard right, his name is Diezel.  The special delivery was set up and Diezel made the 24 hour round trip to deliver the parts on time for Winn Materials.

"The trip was flawless.  We picked up the cores in Virginia, and had them delivered just after 5pm that same day," Diezel said.

The rebuilt cores saved Winn Materials about $3000 off what CAT would have charged for new cores.

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