bauma 2022

The construction industry is quickly heading into the future with the development of autonomous construction machines and battery-operated equipment. New technology featuring these two new areas of construction will be hot topics at bauma.

The event will take place in Munich, Germany October 24 to the 30th of this year.

Industry leaders say autonomous machines will still have limitations, based on the intricate work many have to do, and because of safety concerns. Instead, autonomous machines will be more like remote control machines.

However, many machines will be able perform basic tasks without input from traditional. operators. Depending on the type of work these futuristic machines can perform, it will be embraced by industries struggling to fill positions with qualified workers.

At bauma, industry leaders will share expertise, needs, and solutions in an effort to better streamline the mission of getting new technology used on jobsites around the world.

Maximilian Schöberl from the Chair of Materials Handling, Material Flow, Logistics at the Technical University of Munich expects that, ten years from now, various cobots will be active on construction sites. The term “cobot” is a portmanteau of “collaboration” and “robot”. It refers to robots designed for direct collaboration with humans.

A number of these machines will be featured at bauma 2022, for companies looking to learn more about the technology as they consider incorporating them into their fleets.