Artificial Intelligence in Construction

Just like the rest of the world, Artificial Intelligence is on the rise in the construction industry. These neural nets can be applied in many areas of the industry, and there are already companies selling their services that use AI and machine learning in the field today.

What is AI and Machine Learning in Construction?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a large sweeping term that describes when a machine mimics a human's cognitive functions like problem solving or learning. Machine Learning is a subset of the larger aggregate, and focuses on statistical techniques that allow the computer systems to "learn" from data without being explicitly programmed. Like Johnny 5 in the 1986 movie, Short Circuit, more info = more understanding. 

How can it be used in construction? 

Preventing cost overruns:

AI can be used to predict cost overruns based on a list of factors. It can also be used to help staff access training on site which helps them increase their skills and knowledge more quickly, lowering cost the cost to onboard people on a project.

Designing better buildings:

Using generative design, architects and engineers can efficiently plan, design, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure. It will take the architecture, engineering, mechanical, electrical and plumbing plans and sequences them together, so that the plans of each respective team does not overlap and cause issues.

Risk mitigation:

Risk is everywhere on a jobsite, including but not limited to safety, cost, time and quality. AI can monitor and prioritize risk on the site, so that the project team can assign assets to mitigate the largest and highest priorty risks, instead of spending time on figuring out what they are. 

Project Planning:

The use of autonomous scanners to gauge the completedness of sitework has increase the ease of project planning. AI can also flag small problems before they turn into big problems, as well as learn from similar projects to increase efficiency. 

Increase productivity through automation/ semi-automation:

Companies are increasingly relying on off-site factories that piece together components of a building then shipped to the jobsite to be assembled by humans. These off-site factories are often turning to autonomous robots to "man" the floor, as they are efficient and productive. There are also companies that are just skipping the factory components, and 3D printing homes in their entireity. 

So what are some companies using AI and big data in the construction industry? 

Procore Technologies provides construction analysis software, and turns regular project data into business intelligence. After providing historical analysis for improved forcasting, they can then extract trends from larger datasets and identify patterns with the help of machine learning. Learn more about Procore here.


While we may not be able to provide robots to help you on the jobsite, or big data to help you plan a project, we CAN decrease machine downtime by getting you the parts you need to get back to work. Need something for your machine? Give us a call, and get back to work!