Deere 544A Gets New Teeth!

Walter from Powell and Powell Harvesting called us a few days ago from the great state of Texas looking for a steering gear for his Deere 544A wheel loader.  Parts Specialists Kyle Kunkle took the call.

"That was a bad design by John Deere, the problem is the spline in there wears out after 47 years!" Walter said with some humor.

Walter told Kyle his Deere dealer gave him the part number for the gear.

"I need the 42 tooth gear," Walter said.

The machine has either a 42 or 46 tooth gear.

Kyle got into the book to make sure Deere gave him the correct part number, and it's a good thing he did. The Deere dealer gave Walter the wrong part number.

"You actually need part number T30921," Kunkle said.

The gear is discontinued by Deere but fortunately ConEquip Parts had a new replacement gear available for $895.

Walter also needed the hydraulic pump for that machine, part number AR101807. Together, everything came to just under $2,000.  The pump alone from Deere lists for $2,700.

We are very happy to have been able to assist Powell and Powell Harvesting, not only with the parts they needed but to also help the provide the right part numbers for the gear they needed.

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