Komatsu vs Caterpillar Excavators - Which One is Better?

Komatsu and Caterpillar lead in the construction industry when it comes to excavators.  Many people in the market for an excavator narrow down their decision to one of these two choices.  Here is a quick look at the advantages to each.  We will start with Caterpillar.

When it comes to track record, Caterpillar can’t be beat.  CAT has a long history of making excavators and is considered the leader of the two brands.  CAT parts, though usually manufactured overseas, are usually on hand here in the U.S. ready to be shipped.  The mini excavator line for CAT is a lot smaller than Komatsu mini excavators making them more appealing for buyers looking for a small, lightweight, quick machine to get work done fast on work sites.  Caterpillar excavator also tend to have superior turning radiuses, and prove to be better at digging deeper.

Komatsu has a number of advantages over Caterpillar to be considered.  The first is price.  Komatsu on average has a considerably lower price tag for comparable machines.  This also holds true for renting and buying used Komatsu excavators.  Also, repair records show Komatsu excavators are in the shop less than their Caterpillar counterparts.  That increases savings over the life of the machine.  Komatsu’s mini excavator line produces more horsepower than Caterpillar mini excavators.  When it comes mining excavation, Komatsu has many more options than Caterpillar.

When it comes to aftermarket parts for both Caterpillar and Komatsu, it’s a virtual tie.  There are plenty of quality aftermarket parts available for both makes with pricing that is usually way less than OEM.  ConEquip Parts has tens of thousands of parts in stock for both Komatsu and Caterpillar from used, rebuilt, new aftermarket, and new OEM.

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