Final Drives

Getting the right final drive for your machine is paramount to it working right.

First, you're going to need your machine information.  The most important peice of information is the machine serial number.  Make sure you have that before you start calling around for a final drive.  Obviously, knowing the make and model helps too.

If for some reason, you don't have the machine serial number, get the information off the final drive you need to replace.  Usually, there is tag information behind a plate on the backside of your final drive.  This may require you to get a little dirty by getting under the machine.  Don't do that when the machine is running, we want you to actually be able to make the call to us!

It also helps if you count the ports on your drive.

Sometimes it's not quite so easy to determine if you have a single speed to dual speed motor. If your machine is a skid-steer, a compact track loader, or a multi-terrain loader, you should see either 4 or 5 hydraulic lines. If you have 4 hydraulic lines, then you need a single speed motor; if you have five hydraulic lines, then you need a two speed motor.

Also knowing the number of bolts there are to install the final drive may be necessary to get the right unit.

Getting as much information to us as you can goes a long way into getting the right final drive for your machine.