Link-belt 350 X3 Final Drive Off to Canada

One of our top Parts Specialists Bryan Branch has been working hard for Marvirose Contracting Ltd. up in Canada for the past few months.  Marvirose does a great job digging foundations and other excavation work in and around Bradford, Ontario.  Bryan has been working with Rocco on parts for their many machines which include Link-Belt and CAT excavators, Kubota mini excavators, Deere dozers, backhoes, skid steers, and more.

Recently, Rocco called looking for parts to repair a failing final drive on a Link-belt 350 X3.  As with many final drives, getting parts and having the drive rebuilt isn't always the most cost effective way to get a machine back up and running.  Sometimes the parts aren't available, or they can cost too much.  Even when a final drive can be put back together with gears, bearings, and seals, the drive may not run as well as it should.  On top of that, there's usually no warranty.

Bryan had an option for Rocco.  It is a new replacement final drive fitted for a Link-belt 350 X2.

"We only needed Rocco to measure the inside diameter of his sprocket.  Once he did that we knew our high quality replacement drive off the 350 X2 was going to be perfect for his machine," Branch said.

ConEquip Parts goes deeper into the parts book than any other company to find solutions to problems customers have with their machines.

In the end, ConEquip Parts was able to offer Marvirose Contracting a new replacement drive complete with a motor for only $7,500 delivered, saving Marvirose well over $12,000 off what they would have paid at Link-belt.

"The only adjustment Rocco needs to make is use the OEM fitting on this new drive," Branch said.

Rocco will be rolling again in just a few days.

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