Finding Final Drive Information

When it comes to machine parts, you need to be sure you have all the information necessary to get the right parts.  Too often machine owners get the wrong parts sent because the supplier received the wrong information.  The most important information is the machine serial number.  That doesn't always ensure accuracy.  When it comes to your machine's final drive, there is no better information to get than the numbers off the final drive tag.

For almost all machines, the final drive tag is found on the motor under a cover.  Getting to this part of the drive is not a difficult task at all.  Generally, all you will need is a socket wrench and a rag.

The final drive information may not mean anything to you, however to someone else, it will be everything they need to know in order to match a final drive to your machine.  An MAG number is one of the most important numbers off the tag.  Other numbers may include the part number, serial number of the drive, and speed ratios.

Machine owners often are under the impression they have the OEM drive when in fact, somewhere along the life of the machine, they had an aftermarket drive installed.  When this happens, sometimes the machine serial number isn't going to be what is needed to make sure a replacement drive is correct.  This is why getting the tag information off the drive's tag is important.  One of the problems owners run into is getting a drive that doesn't fit the sprocket.  This is because sometimes aftermarket drives have different size hubs, needing a sprocket with a different diameter.

If you need a final drive, get the tag information by taking a simple photo with your cell phone.