CAT 330BL Final Drive Headed to Iowa!

Parts Specialist Chris Wojcik took a call from Murphy Construction on a CAT 330BL final drive for a machine that was down.

"We just got a bunch of contracts so we needed the machine back up and running quickly.  We thought it was going to be an easy fix when we noticed it started leaking oil out of the seal.  I thought it would need a couple bearings or something but when we took it down to CAT they said the drive was shot," said Murphy Equipment owner Andy Murphy.

It didn't take long for Chris to offer Andy a few options.  First Chris offered a rebuilt final drive complete with a motor for $12,300 but that wasn't something Murphy Construction wanted to move on.  Andy said the most they wanted to invest on a final drive for their 330BL was around $8,500.

Murphy Construction had an option to get their final drive rebuilt for about $9,500 so Chris jumped on the parts network to find a better option.

Conequip Parts uses the parts network to quickly locate parts needed by machine owners at a competitive price.

Through the network Chris was able to set Murphy Construction up with a good used inspected and resealed final drive minus the motor with a 30 day warranty for less than $9,000.

A new final drive from CAT for the 330BL run in excess of $23,000.

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