TB20E operating indoors, source: Takeuchi

Takeuchi, a well-known name in the construction industry, has introduced the TB20E, an electric hydraulic excavator that runs solely on a lithium-ion battery. David Caldwell, the product manager at Takeuchi, explains that the TB20E is a fully functional excavator that has all the features of their TB216, with the only difference being that the TB20E does not have an engine. Consequently, the TB20E eliminates the need for engine oil, filters, and coolant, which means fewer moving parts and less maintenance.

Advantages of Battery-Powered Machines

According to Caldwell, the TB20E is ideal for applications where noise and emission restrictions are a concern, such as hospitals, schools, and the food industry. The battery-powered machine is quieter and produces zero emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly option. Additionally, the TB20E has a run time of four to six hours, depending on the load, which can be extended to six to eight hours if the operator is on and off the machine frequently. The battery can be charged using an onboard charger with 1-10 power, 1-20, or 2-40, and the machine can be fully charged within ten hours using the onboard charger. An offboard charger, which can charge the machine fully within four hours, is also available.

Multiple Power Sources

Another unique feature of the TB20E is that the machine can be tethered to the power source while it is being charged, allowing for more versatility in charging options. The TB20E can be tethered to 1-10, 2-20, or 2-40, providing multiple power sources that can be used to charge the machine. Caldwell explains that the TB20E is available in North America now and that the dealer network is ordering them, and they should be in inventory in the next few weeks.

Cost Comparison

Although the TB20E costs about twice as much as a diesel-powered machine, Caldwell notes that the cost is offset by the long-term savings in maintenance and replacement parts, as well as fuel costs. With fewer moving parts, fewer replacement parts, and no fuel costs, the TB20E proves to be a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Takeuchi's TB20E is a new, innovative, and environmentally friendly option for those in the construction industry. The battery-powered excavator offers a range of advantages over traditional diesel-powered machines, including fewer moving parts, lower maintenance costs, and zero emissions. While the cost of the TB20E is initially higher, the long-term savings make it a viable option for those who are environmentally conscious and want to reduce their carbon footprint.

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