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Introducing the Case Power Lease Program

Excavator leasing just got more convenient and cost-effective with Case Construction Equipment's latest offering. The renowned manufacturer, in partnership with CNH Industrial Capital, now provides a lease option for their 13-metric-ton and larger D Series and E Series excavators. Let's explore the benefits and features of the Case Power Lease program, designed to empower contractors with enhanced control over costs and streamline operations.

Simplifying Leasing Terms

Under the Case Power Lease program, U.S. and Canadian customers can now lease a new full-size excavator at an "aggressive rate" for 36 months or 3,000 hours. This comprehensive lease package includes a full machine warranty and all planned maintenance throughout the lease duration, ensuring peace of mind for operators.

Added Value at Lease-End

In addition to the attractive lease terms, Case offers further incentives to customers who decide to purchase the machine at lease-end. By doing so, they receive an additional 1 year/1,000 hours of powertrain warranty, extending the machine's coverage. Furthermore, if an alternate 13-metric-ton and larger Case excavator is purchased, Case provides a credit for any unused lease hours, up to 300 hours, amounting to a generous total of $12,000.

Empowering Contractors with Cost Control

Terry Dolan, vice president of North America at Case Construction Equipment, emphasizes the benefits of the Case Power Lease program, stating, "The Case Power Lease is built from the ground up to empower the contractor to control their costs, knowing the only expense they have is the cost of fuel and normal wear items during the life of the lease." This commitment to cost transparency and control enables contractors to allocate their resources more efficiently and focus on project success.

Unveiling the E Series Excavators

Alongside the introduction of the Power Lease program, Case Construction Equipment launched its E Series excavators in September 2022. This series showcases seven models, including the impressive CX190 and the CX365E short radius excavators. These new machines feature a powerful FPT engine, offering increased power and torque for enhanced productivity on the job site.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

The E Series excavators boast a range of innovative features designed to optimize operator experience and productivity. Case's Hydraulic Flow Balance System allows operators to prioritize power to specific parts of the excavator, simplifying controller movement and improving precision. Other notable enhancements include a new throttle knob with incremental settings for power modes, an upgraded modem for remote diagnostics, factory-integrated 2D and 3D machine control options, and a larger 10-inch display, ensuring intuitive operation and advanced functionality.

Case Construction Equipment's new Power Lease program revolutionizes the excavator leasing landscape, providing contractors in the U.S. and Canada with a streamlined and cost-effective solution. With comprehensive warranty coverage, planned maintenance, and attractive incentives, operators can now focus on their projects, confident in their ability to control costs and maximize productivity. The introduction of the E Series excavators further underscores Case's commitment to innovation and performance, ensuring that customers have access to cutting-edge machines that excel in power, precision, and efficiency. Embrace the future of excavator leasing with Case Power Lease and experience a new level of efficiency and cost control in your operations.

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