A Volvo Excavator at CONEXPO 2023

Excavators are complex machines, and often the maintenance is complex too. Forgot the basics? That's no problem! These are the six areas that need the most attention.

  1. Undercarriage: Proper maintenance of the undercarriage is crucial as it accounts for a significant portion of maintenance costs. Regularly clean out dirt and debris and inspect for any missing or damaged components.
  2. Tracks: Set the tracks at the proper tension to prevent excessive wear. Check for wear on track components such as track shoes, pins, chains, idlers, sprockets, and fasteners.

  3. Filters: Clean and replace filters to ensure smooth operation of the engine, air, fuel, and hydraulic systems. Clogged filters can affect machine performance and lead to costly damage.

  4. Water separator: Drain water from fuel filters to prevent corrosion and damage caused by condensation buildup.

  5. Cooling system: Maintain adequate airflow and coolant levels for efficient operation, especially in hot climates. Inspect coolant hoses for leaks and clean the oil cooler, condenser, and radiator.

  6. Attachments: Don't forget to inspect and maintain the excavator's work tools, including couplers and buckets. Look for cracks, excessive wear, or damage that could impact productivity and safety.

Remember to perform these inspections and maintenance tasks regularly to ensure optimal performance and prevent costly downtime.

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