As we enter this blog entry, fuel prices worldwide are out of control.  Contractors are getting hit pretty hard keeping their machines running, and those costs are being passed on to their customers.  Cutting fuel costs has always been a priority, now it's imperative.  Here are some technologies to help with that fuel saving goal.


When you are in the market for a machine, invest in one capable of delivering full power at lower RPMs.  This reduces both fuel consumption and emissions.  An operator can also run the machine in economy mode when possible.  That reduces maximum engine speed and can cut fuel usage by as much as 6%.

Another fuel saving mode is automatic engine idle shutdown.  If a bulldozer, excavator, or other machine is just sitting idle for, let's say an hour, it's probably not being used.  Let's turn it off.

Innovative Features

Electric drive, hydrostatic or continuously variable transmissions are another way to save on fuel. Performance is equal to standard machines. Load-sensing hydraulics are great because they regulate the amount of flow needed to perform tasks.  Also, electro-hydraulic joystick controls can help with fuel efficiency by making the operator's job easier.

Onboard Systems

Everything from 2D and 3D grading, payload weighing, productivity measurement, lift and slope assist, even remote-control and semi-autonomous operation can help save a ton on fuel costs. The less the machine has to work to get a job done, the less fuel used.  These technologies can double the amount of productivity in a day.


Technology providing data for your company to make informed decisions is huge.  The more information you have, the more cost cutting you can achieve.  The technology available today provides just about every bit of information you need, from where your machines are, how much they're being used, when they are scheduled for maintenance, and the operating performance of equipment.