An excavator swing bearing

ConEquip Parts is here for you if you are in need of a new swing bearing.  But did you know more than 90 percent of slewing ring failures can be avoided if machine owners simply perform a few simple maintenance tips?  Some of the suggestions may seem like common sense but for some reason machine owners neglect these simple maintenance tasks.  Take a look.

Grease regularly

Apply a lot of extreme-pressure grease to the fittings around the bearing where the machine’s service manual instructs you to.

Purge with grease

Pump grease into the bearing until you see old grease squeeze past the seal. This will help push debris out of the bearing.

Inspect the grease

Rub some of the purged grease. If you see or feel grit or metal chips in it, you may have a bearing problem.

Do not overload

Do not push your loads over the limit.  A depression of even 1/1000 on the swing bearing will eventually end up causing failure.

Avoid repetitive, heavy loads

Lifting with the boom and undercarriage in the same position can put a dimple in the bearing race close to the uneven load.  If possible, change the angle as often as possible.

Predict failure and repair the bearing

If the turning torque of the bearing increases substantially, or if you notice a clicking or grinding noise when rotating, grease the unit and have some of the purged lubricant analyzed for metal debris.

Play can indicate a problem and will show up as a lack of stiffness in the extended boom. Free play magnified over the length of the boom allows it to rock back and forth under load. Check bearing clearance with a dial indicator that measures how much the structure tilts when the boom is loaded.

No matter how much you inspect your swing bearing, it’s eventually going to wear out.  However, maintaining the part could be the difference between getting yours rebuilt or spending the money on a new one.  When it is time to replace your swing bearing, give ConEquip Parts a call.  We have high quality Dyco brand swing bearings in stock for prices way less than what you will pay for a new OEM swing bearing.

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