Should You Use a Parts Broker?

Owners of heavy machinery such as backhoes, excavators, wheel loaders, and other applications are always looking for reliable places outside of the dealer to buy quality parts quickly and especially for a better price.

One reliable source is parts brokers who facilitate the sales of quality aftermarket parts.  The service they provide makes buying construction parts easy and quick.

“It's your one stop shop. With the amount of resources we have to locate a part, the customer can be assured that the part is at the best cost and quality without taking time out of their day to find and locate the various parts they need,” says ConEquip Parts Manager Joyce Holt.

Brokers have the inside line on preferred pricing from major aftermarket companies, which allows them to resell the parts at a very competitive price.

“Many of the aftermarket companies will not deal directly with the customer so having a relationship with us is a necessary,” says ConEquip owner Al Alexander.

The amount of money a customer can save is significant.  Many machine owners think they have to buy directly from the dealer and don’t realize there are quality aftermarket parts available at a fraction of the cost.

For instance, a new hydraulic pump for a Case W11B part number L110544 lists for about $2357 from the dealer. ConEquip Parts has the same pump aftermarket with a one year warranty for about $1700, a savings of about $500.

A new hydraulic pump on a John Deere 644B part number AT72677 lists for $2545 from the dealer. ConEquip Parts has the same pump aftermarket with the same warranty for $1928.14, a savings of almost $500.

A CAT pump that lists for more than $2600 from the dealer you can get new aftermarket for about $!000.  The math is simple, that’s a $1600 savings.

The obvious question a customer has about aftermarket parts is how reliable they are.  If it’s any indication, aftermarket companies offer the same warranty OEM dealers offer on most parts.

“The general failure rate of a refined production run of a new aftermarket part is 1 in 10000,” Alexander says.

When all is said, using an established, reliable parts broker on a regular basis can save your company time, money, and a lot of aggravation.

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