Volvo Mining Equipment

Volvo is a leading manufacturer of construction equipment, including excavators, wheel loaders, and mining haul trucks. These machines rely on hydraulic systems to power many of their critical functions, and hydraulic cylinders are a key component of these systems. Here are the hydraulic cylinders you can find on Volvo equipment:


  • Boom cylinder: This cylinder is responsible for raising and lowering the boom, which is the arm that extends out from the machine.
  • Arm cylinder: The arm cylinder works in conjunction with the boom cylinder to move the arm in and out.
  • Bucket cylinder: The bucket cylinder controls the movement of the bucket, which is used to scoop and move materials.
  • Stick cylinder: The stick cylinder is responsible for moving the stick, which is the part of the arm that attaches to the bucket.

Wheel Loaders:

  • Lift cylinder: The lift cylinder controls the movement of the bucket and allows it to be raised and lowered.
  • Tilt cylinder: The tilt cylinder controls the angle of the bucket, allowing it to dump materials.
  • Steering cylinder: The steering cylinder is responsible for turning the machine.

Mining Haul Trucks:

  • Hoist cylinder: The hoist cylinder is responsible for raising and lowering the bed of the truck.
  • Steering cylinder: Like with wheel loaders, the steering cylinder controls the turning of the truck.

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