excavator digging
You smell that?  You hear that? Spring is in the air!  Ah, the scent of blooming flowers and chirping birds? No, burning diesel fuel and the clank, clank, clank of excavator tracks rolling over moist ground.
With ground finally completely thawed, excavators, bulldozers, backhoes, wheel loaders and other heavy machines are emerging from their iron slumber to get back to digging.
It's a good time then to consider important safety tips to avoid making big digging mistakes, some of which could make this spring the last spring you ever dig again.
Before you dig anywhere, know what's below the surface.  Always mark underground utility, natural gas, water, cable, and any other type of line or else you could damage something very costly and dangerous with a heavy excavator bucket.  If you're not sure what's below the surface, don't dig until you do.
You must call your county or state to get imporatn information on where utility lines are located.  The utility company will get the information to you and will also mark the line locations if there are any.  When you make the request, give the companies time to get out to your location - at least 48 hours.

When the areas are marked, know what the colors represent.  When you start digging, stay at least a foot and a half to two feet away from utility markings.

If you are planting trees, be sure to consider how far roots will spread when fully grown.  Eventually, those roots can get into utility lines and cause problems years later. 

Always be safe when on your machines, and as always, if you need parts, give ConEquip a call!