CONEXPO Sign on the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall

Hello everyone! 

I'm Andrew and I'm the email marketing specialist at ConEquip. I was lucky enough to attend this year's CONEXPO convention in Las Vegas, and I wanted to share some key takeaways that I learned during my time there.

  1. Do not get a new pair of shoes for this event. 
    1. Wear something that you've broken in, your feet and knees with thank you for it. 
  2. Have a plan of action.
    1. Going into it thinking "I'll see everything, no rush!" is crazy. There is so much to see, and not a ton of time to see it all. Have a plan of what you want to see, and who you want to talk to. 
  3. Use the app! 
    1. It may sound like a Zoomer thing to say, but the app was the only reason I knew where I was going at the Expo. The Vegas Convention Center is astronomically huge, totalling 4.26 million square feet. The app lets you pick places and events you want to see, and will even route you between your destinations! 
    2. It also sends reminders for any learning events you showed interest in, as well as updates on weather and happenings in and around the Convention Center (like the President coming to Vegas) 
  4. Plan for lunch.
    1. Make a conscious plan on where you want to eat. There are venues at the Convention Center that are alright, but there are better options.
    2. Vegas is very walkable/taxiable, as long as you know where and when you want to go. There are a lot of great options right near the Convention Center (I recommend Al Pastor Tacos from Tacos El Gordo on Las Vegas BLVD).
  5. Bring chapstick.
    1. It might sound like a weird tip, but I come from a non-desert environment. By the time we were leaving Vegas, it felt like I had sandpaper on my face. Don't underestimate the power of a good tube of chapstick! 

All in all, the show was some of the best work experience I have had to date. Seeing the upcoming things in the industry, all the trends that companies are jumping onto like robotics, automation and electronification, was truly enlightening. 

Have a tip that you want to share? Click the button below, I would love to hear what tips and tricks other veterans or first timers have to share!

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