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Serial Number Location for Bobcat (Melroe) Skidsteer Loaders

Models: 453, 763, 873, S70, S330, T110, T300, T770, 553, 773, 963, S100, S750, T140, T630, T870, 751, 863, A300, S185, S770, T180, T650, 753, 864, A770, S205, S850, T190, T750, S70, S510, S570, S650, S850, MT55, T590, T750, S100, S530, S590, S750, A770, T110, T630, T770, S130, S550, S630, S770, MT52, T550, T650, T870

Serial Number Examples: 9 digits: 514418702, A3W611011, AHGL11001

VIN Number Location: On smaller models, on the left side at the rear, under the left support arm, same as Caterpillar. On larger machines on the left (highway) side behind the cab towards the rear of machine under the left lift arm. Beginning on 2014 models the plate may be on the curb side of the machine, behind the cab and between the lift arm and the hydraulic arm. Location depends upon space to attach plate with large pop rivets.

PDF version PDF Version: serial-number-bobcat-skidsteer-loader.pdf