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Diesel Engine Parts

Diesel engine

ConEquip Parts can save you time and money with many new aftermarket, rebuilt and used diesel engine parts. In many cases our parts specialists can solve your engine issues with just the engine model and serial number off the tag on the engine or casting number on the engine block. Whether you need a complete drop-in engine, reman long or short block ConEquip Parts is ready for the best solution to get your heavy machinery back to work.

Complete diesel engines normally come with valve cover, cylinder head, camshaft, exhaust manifolds, cylinder block, crank case, cylinder rods, pistons, crankshaft, oil pan, oil pump, water pump, diesel injection pump, front and rear covers.

A short block would just include the cylinder block with crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder rods and pistons(No cylinder head included). The long block would have the same as the short block but add the cylinder head assembly. Most of our rebuilt short and long block assemblies will come with the seals and gaskets to assemble the rest of your diesel engine.

Q: Can you rebuild your diesel engine in house or at a local rebuild shop?
We supply individual engine parts and complete diesel rebuild kits. Diesel rebuild kits can be ordered in two options, In Frame & Out of Frame kits.

Q: What does an inframe rebuild kit come with?
Most inframe rebuild kits come with the pistons, wrist pins, clip, piston rings, main bearings, rod bearings and upper gasket set.

Q: What does an out of frame rebuild kit come with?
The out of frame kit comes with pistons, wrist pins, clip, piston rings, main & rod bearings, upper gasket set, lower gasket set, front and rear main seals.

connecting rods and pistons

ConEquip Parts provides a wide selection of radiators, oil coolers, oil pumps and water pumps which are recommended to be replaced, by most experts, when rebuilding your engine. It will ensure existing contaminates wont pollute all your hard work.

Another common failure in diesel engines is the turbo. Here at ConEquip there are two options for turbo replacement either quality new aftermarket or rebuilt exchange. No matter your budget we will work hard to find a solution

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