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CAT CTL Final Drives 279, 289, 299

Caterpillar Compact Track (CTL) Loader Final Drives

There are plenty of Caterpillar compact track loaders working on job sites all over the world.

ConEquip Parts is happy to announce we have new OEM surplus final drives for CTL models including the 279C, 279D, 289C, 289D, 299D, 299D XHP, 299D2, and 299D2 XHP. The Part number for the final drives ConEquip has in stock is 442-5642.

When we reached out to Caterpillar for these drives CAT showed no stock. This likely means they are back ordered or these drives are discontinued completely. You would have to contact your local CAT dealer to find out what the status is. Regardless, we have these final drives and will extend a two year warranty on all our final drives.

If you need a CTL final drive for any make or model, definitely give ConEquip Parts a call today!

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Caterpillar CTL Final Drives In Stock Today

CAT CTL track patterns

Our aftermarket new CAT final drives come with a two year warranty and have speeds that match the OEM drives. What doesn't match is the OEM price. We sell our new replacement drives at unbeatable prices.