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Backhoe Loader Part Diagram

backhoe loader part diagram

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Backhoe Loader Parts

Parts Included in Diagram

  • Loader lift cylinder
  • Loader bucket link
  • Loader bucket cylinder
  • Loader lift arm
  • Cab (ROPS, Roll Over Protection Structure)
  • Dipper, arm, stick, crowd cylinder
  • Backhoe boom
  • Backhoe bucket cylinder
  • Bucket side link
  • Pitman arm
  • Swing frame
  • Swing cylinder
  • Stabilizer arm and cylinder

A Tractor Loader Backhoe is a very large piece of equipment that has many parts. If you are looking for any of these parts refer to the diagram above where they are labeled for you. When searching for a certain part or several parts, it is important that you know their part numbers, the machine make and model, and the serial number.