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Kam Flegal - E-Commerce and Product Marketing

Kam Flegal at ConEquip Parts

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Kam Flegal is in our online sales department in the role of E-Commerce Director.

Q & A with Kam

  • Your official job title: E-Commerce Director
  • How long you've been at ConEquip: Since Mid 2015
  • Family (wife & kids, etc.)? Married for 15 years, two children
  • Any interests or personal hobbies? I like to read
  • Any relevant previous work experience? I have a degree in Human Resources, worked in customer service for 5 years.
  • Any interesting/fun fact about yourself? I was married on April Fool’s Day!
  • "I really like working here, they are one of the best employers that I have had."

Contact Kam via phone at
1-716-836-5069 Ext. 206