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My Final Drive is Leaking

What Should I Do?

If you have a leaking final drive, you know you may be facing some serious problems. The cause can be costly depending on what type of leak it is.

It could be a hydraulic fluid leak. Hydraulic fluid is thin, with a consistency similar to brake fluid.

If your hydraulic fluid is leaking, then you either have a hose leak or a problem in the hydraulics section of your final drive. One of most common causes of a hydraulic leak is a clogged case drain filter. A clogged case drain filter can cause the internal seals to blow and the final drive to start leaking hydraulic fluid.

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If the leak is on the planetary side of the final drive it will be gear oil which is thicker. This type of leak usually drips from the inside of the track. You will probably have grinding noises along with the leak and the travel motor could lock up. If your track drive is leaking oil near where the sprocket mounts, this will probably indicate that the mechanical face seal - also known as the floating face seal or duo-cone seal - has failed. If that’s the case, the seal needs to be replaced immediately to prevent destructive contamination. In many cases, it’s too late by the time you notice the leak and the grinding noise. Prepare to be in the market for another final drive.

If you have a large amount of gear oil leaking out of the final drive it likely means you have a problem with the hydraulics rather than the planetary.

Regardless of whether your problem is on the hydraulics side or the planetary side, it needs to be attended to before severe damage occurs. Never neglect those leaks!

Leaking Final Drive Oil