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Final Drive Fluid Level Check

As most of you know, there is nothing worse than a damaged part that takes your equipment out of service. Simple, routine maintenance can often extend the life of a part and will usually alert you to a problem before it ever becomes a "broken" part. The following video demonstrates how easy it is to check your final drive fluid level. Routine fluid level checks (generally whenever you are changing your oil - every 250 hours) can often alert you to things like bad seals that can lead to final drive failure.

The following video is a simple demonstration of how to check the fluid level in your final drive. We hope this help to extend the life of your drive, or even prevent a replacement, but when the time comes, contact ConEquip for your Aftermarket New, Used, or Rebuilt Final Drive.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ben Krentz with ConEquip Parts. We're here to show you how to correctly check your final drive fluid. We've got a Komatsu PC 200 LC-6 that we're gonna be working on and what we want to do first is we have to make sure that the machine is level and if you come down to the final drive section here you would be at three o'clock with your oil level and then your drain plug would be down right about six o'clock. So if that's in correct location what we can do is we can take a hammer and you wanna just tap on those pretty good.

What it'll do to do is just kinda loosen up little bit a little bit of the threads because they are under pressure. Also you want to make sure that you clean around these areas really good you don't want any dirt or debris getting put into the fluid.

So once we got all that cleaned off, which I have done beforehand, we've got a half inch drive ratchet... just put it in there. And you gotta be careful a little bit because like I said before these are under pressure see just take them off a little bit slow and if there's a lot of pressure built up you hear the pressure being released out. This one seems to be pretty good.

We've got some pressure. We want to release all that pressure we don't want anybody to get injured while they're doing this. And what we're looking for is we're just checking the level and this one we want to make sure that there's just gonna be a little bit a fluid running out.

If there's a lot of fluid then it could be overfilled which is not a good thing either.

We've released all the pressure here. We've got just a little bit a fluid coming out so this machine is up to correct levels. So we don't have to worry about final drive failure.

I'm just gonna tighten this up, and of course you would, go to the other side and check it.

What Komatsu recommends is about every two thousand hours to change the fluid in your final drive. it's a good thing to check it probably about every time you change your oil which should be about 250 hours which is recommended.

At ConEquip Parts we sell a lot of final drives because people fail to check the fluid and that is the number one reason why final drives fail. So that's why we wanted to do this video to show you how to correctly check and as you can tell it's very simple to do, but it for some reason you guys do need a final drive we're here for ya.

We have used rebuilt and new aftermarket drives available for you so give us a call at 716-836-5069 and we'll get set up with you.

Thank you.

And as a side note here, we want to add if you do call in and you have a final drive need what we'll appreciate is if you can take the cover plate off of your machine. It should be located on the inside here. You take the bolts off this whole cover plate will come off and then you'll be able to directly see into the travel motor and the final drive.

On the back at the travel motor, the hydraulic travel motor, there will be a plate probably about I'm you know inch-and-a-half by two inches, three-inches, somewhere in there but it'll have some numbers on it that we will need in ensuring accuracy of the correct drive for your machine.

so make sure when you call give us the serial number of your machine, the model number, and it's also very helpful to have the tag information off of the travel motor right below this cover here

Thank you!

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