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Al Alexander - President

ConEquipment Parts & Equipment LLC

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY to a wonderful Italian mother whose goal was to give me unconditional love and keep me full of great food. Though I was a troubled child and teen, my Lord & savior has forgiven me and blessed me more than I deserve. I thank God I'm married to the most beautiful & sweetest woman I have ever met and we have 7 kids who keep us on our toes. (thanks to the curse our mothers put on us to have kids just like us)

My business partner Ben and I opened up our Construction equipment parts business in 2008 and it has been growing ever since. It all started as a home based equipment parts brokerage business and along the way God has added to our paths many talented folks. Now it has grown to employ several dedicated people. We do work here as a family and treat our clients the same.

What more can a guy ask for?!

Contact Al Alexander via phone at
1-716-836-5069 Ext. 185


Q & A with Al

Al with his wife Sarah

Your official job title:
Mr. President

How long you've been at ConEquip:
Since 2008

What town/village you live in now?
Barker NY

Where are you from originally?
Buffalo NY(West side!)

Family (wife & kids, etc.)?
I married UP! a beautiful, smart & did I say beautiful women named Sarah...we have 7 smart & good looking children (thank God they take after her!). Some of the kids aspire to work in the family business and some have other aspirations, but no matter what, we teach them to do their best for the Lord in all they do.

Any interests or personal hobbies?
I enjoy teaching with my wife at church. We lead classes together about marriage, parenting, life, etc... Teaching together really drives home all the things we need in our own lives. I also love camping with the family, grilling & long walks on the beach;)

Any relevant previous work experience?
I have been in the heavy equipment parts industry for 11 years now & in sales for 23 years(I have learned why they say “the customer is always right”, cause you are). I really appreciate all our family of customers mean to us...Thank You!

Any interesting/fun fact about yourself?
If I didn’t need a new hip from a motorcycle spill, I would still be hip hop dancing... I leave that to my kids now.