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About the Team at ConEquip Parts

At ConEquip, we are proud of the team that we have put together. We strive to be sure that our parts specialists are always available to locate the heavy equipment parts that you need. To meet our customer needs, we have teams that are here to handle your parts requests. Whether it is our fantastic office manager, a parts specialist, or a sales assistant, everyone at ConEquip is well trained and ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. With former operators on staff, we have a unique understanding of your equipment that you won't find with everyone in the parts industry.

We encourage you to reach out to us for any of your parts needs. Don't worry if you don't see your particular part on the website.

ConEquip excels in providing aftermarket, new, and used parts that will save you money. We work on your behalf and can provide virtually any construction equipment part. The bottom line... WE CAN LOCATE YOUR PART.

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Albert Alexander
President / Partner

Albert Alexander

Al is the co-founder of ConEquip and is the friendly voice that many of you are used to. Al started ConEquip with his business partner Ben and in 2008 and it has been growing ever since.

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Ben Krentz - ConEquip
Vice-President / Partner

Ben Krentz

Ben Krentz, Co-owner and Sales Manager here at ConEquip Parts. We started this company in 2008 and have great plans in store for the future...

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Ryan Loos - CFO at ConEquip Parts
Chief Financial Officer / Partner

Ryan Loos

Ryan has worked with ConEquip from the early days and became a more integral part of the team in 2014.

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Parts Specialists

Mauricio Almendarez of ConEquip
Parts Specialist

Mauricio Almendarez

Mauricio Almendarez is a parts specialist at ConEquip and has been with the company since May of 2015

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Travis Flaherty of ConEquip
Parts Specialist / Assistant Sales Manager

Travis Flaherty

Travis is a Parts Specialist at ConEquip

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Adam Gow of ConEquip
Parts Specialist

Adam Gow

Adam is a parts specialist at ConEquipment Parts.

More about Adam Gow
Garrett Hart of ConEquip
Parts Specialist

Garrett Hart

Garrett is a parts specialist at ConEquipment Parts.

More about Garrett Hart
Garrison Krentz of ConEquip
Parts Specialist

Garrison Krentz

Garrison Krentz is a parts specialist at ConEquip.

More about Garrison Krentz
Anthony Murty of ConEquip
Parts Specialist

Anthony Murty

More about Anthony Murty
Gary Young of ConEquip
Parts Specialist

Gary Young

Gary is a parts specialist at ConEquip

More about Gary Young
Kevin Zilliox of ConEquip
Parts Specialist

Kevin Zilliox

Kevin is a parts specialist at ConEquip

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Administration / Support

Joyce Holt -Office Manager
Office Manager

Joyce Holt

I worked as a retail manager for 15 years and am pleased to be out of that arena. I feel that I have a purpose here. My organizational skills come in handy and I feel blessed to be able to work with a group of Christian people who truly want to please god in all they do.

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Ariel Eldridge of ConEquip
Support Specialist Manager

Ariel Eldridge

Ariel is the Customer Retention Manager at ConEquip

More about Ariel Eldridge
Josh Holt of ConEquip
Head Parts Trainer

Josh Holt

Josh is the head parts trainer at ConEquip parts. As a former sales assistant Josh is better equipped than most to deal with our array of parts books and supply lines for new and used parts.

More about Josh Holt
Jill Rose of ConEquip
Lead Processing Specialist

Jill Rose

More about Jill Rose
Dan Kasper of ConEquip
Sales Manager Assistant

Dan Kasper

Dan is a sales manager assistant at ConEquip. Dan has vast management experience and helps to enhance the entire team of parts specialists at ConEquip.

More about Dan Kasper
Steve Krentz - ConEquip Parts
Content Marketing Manager

Steve Krentz

Steve joined ConEquipParts in July of 2013 from New York City where he was formerly a news producer. Steve has 2 children and loves his Buffalo Bills.

More about Steve Krentz
Stephen Stark of ConEquip
Support Specialist

Stephen Stark

Stephen Stark is a support specialist at ConEquip. As the second "Steve" at ConEquip, he is often referred to as "Iron Man". We'll let you interpret the reason why.

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Emily of ConEquip
Processing / Returns Specialist

Emily Hollenbaugh

More about Emily Hollenbaugh
Brandie Hinchy of ConEquip
Accounting & Returns Manager

Brandie Hinchy

More about Brandie Hinchy
Kam Flegal of ConEquip
E-Commerce - Product Marketing

Kam Flegal

More about Kam Flegal
E-Commerce / Product Marketing Specialist / Graphic Designer

April Cocco

Matt V from ConEquip
IT / Communications

Matt Veihdeffer

Donna McDufffie of ConEquip
Chat Specialist

Donna McDuffie

Jaclyn Henry of ConEquip

Jaclyn Henry

Judy Truesdell of ConEquip
Returns & Freight

Judy Truesdell

Laura Donnelly of ConEquip
Support Specialist

Laura Donnelly



Roland Johnson - Field Rep
Field Representative

Roland "Big Country" Johnson

Roland came to ConEquip after a 34 year career as a supervisor for the NYSDOT.

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